Top 10 Most Useful Kitchen Tools for Kitchen Fanatics

Are you a kitchen fanatic? Have you always wanted to get everything organised and make meal prep enjoyable?

Outfitting a kitchen can be a little daunting, so here we put together a list of some very useful kitchen gadgets to make your life smoother! Here are our picks - top 10 most useful kitchen tools for every home cook. 

1.Damuscus Kitchen Knife

Hands down the most important tool in the kitchen. Unlike professionals, most of us just need one or two to do the trick. A lot of our visitors have said, if they had to pick just one, they would go for this amazing 67 layer Damascus knife. It is crafted out of a 67 layer VG10 damascus steel. The handles on these knives are hand crafted out of Mahogany wood, which is water resistant and beautifully grained. Hold it in your hands and you’ll feel the difference immediately.

(7 inch Santoku Chef Knife Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife)

If you are serious about cooking, we highly recommend choosing good quality kitchen knives.

2.Knife Sharpener

Well, so you’ve got a good knife, but a little care is still needed. Dull blades are not only annoying, but also potentially dangerous! We have picked this safe and easy-to-use knife sharpener that you can count on. A sharp knife is a safe knife. 

2.1 Premium Kitchen Knife Sharpener Made in Japan

3.Cheese Grater

I don’t know about you, but for inno+ family, Friday night is pizza night, and Saturday and Sunday kids crave for meatball spaghetti. What is the single most important ingredient to go with? Cheese, absolutely.

A cheese grater would be really handy. You can buy packages of shredded cheese or grated parmesan from any supermarket, but most of the time these are quite pricey (at least here in New Zealand). This cheese grater is excellent for grating of cheese, but also grates nuts, chocolate, and herbs.

(Stainless Steel Cheese and Chocolate Grater)

4.Vegetable Peeler

Some experienced chefs may be able to peel stuff with just a knife. But most of us are not at that level, I bet if I do that, I’ll definitely end up cutting my fingers. I need a good peeler.

There are quite a lot of peelers to choose from, like this one here, which comes with a large blade for tackling tough vegetables such as cabbages, kumaras, carrots, and so much more.

(Japanese Large Size Fruit Vegetable Peeler)

Well, if you are after a multi-functional tool, I would also recommend this one here. You can peel, slice, and julienne vegetables into strips or any other shapes with a few seconds.

(Multi-functional Vegetable Fruit Peeler)

 5.Burger Stuffer

Meat lovers? Burger enthusiasts? Whether sticking with the classic or experimenting with something new, this easy-to-use Burger Press is a must-have for all burger lovers! Don't abuse your burgers by pressing with a spatula or fork, using this burger gadget at your next BBQ. Hmmm…a stuffed steak and mushroom burger sounds too good to miss out.

(Burger Patty Mold Stuffed Burger Maker)

5.Oven mitts/gloves

Want to bake in style? Here’s a collection of oven mitts/gloves we have picked for you.

5.1 Cute Animal Bear Oven Potholders Mitts/Gloves

5.2 Heat Resistant Non-Slip Gloves



If you are serious about cooking, use a thermometer and save all the guesswork! There are quite a number of them around, we recommend to have at least two, one for baking, one for instant read.

6.1 Oven thermometer The delicate taste of dessert requires a presice temperature

6.2 Digital Thermometer for Instand Read


7.Measuring Cups and Spoons

Another key tools in baking. We have used this rose gold measuring cup set and this wooden handle measuring spoon set for a long time and thoroughly loved it.

(Rose Gold Baking Measuring Cups 4 Pcs/set)

(Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons)


8.Steamer Basket

It’s time to shift attention from deep frying to steaming - a healthier option. No doubt about that when you steam food, it retains more nutrients and natural flavours of the food itself. This flower shape steamer basket is easy to use and clean, when not in use, just fold it and it won’t take much space at all.

(Flower Shape Steamer Basket Rack for Steaming Vegetables)

9.Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

With multi-functional shredders and slicers, this mandoline slicer is a great tool for making evenly thin slices of fruit and vegetables in a hurry.

(Mandoline Vegetable and Fruit Slicer)

10. Kitchen Hanger - Space Saver!

If you don't have enough space for the cooking tools and gadget that we've listed above, how can you enjoy cooking? So here you go, we figured many home cooks would like some space saving ideas!

innoplus kitchen and bathroom stainless steel rack

(Kitchen and Bedroom Hanger Multi-function Space Saver)

(Japanese Style Iron Mugs Glasses Holder)

You can go with some mountable racks that can be easily installed on walls or ceilings, depending on how much stuff you want to hang. But inno+ mum prefers to use tools that don't require drilling. What do you think? 

Don't worry about forking out for crazy expensive stuff in the kitchen. If you really want to take your kitchen game to the next level, check out other smart kitchen tools and gadgets on and recipes to get inspired!












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